Color Tunnel Rush


Color Tunnel Game online

The color tunnel is an online game inspired by slope and runs 3, you will get the same gameplay but with the different obstacles and different shapes. The fast-paced game is easy to play but difficult to master. Once you get yourself safely landed onto the next levels of the game, you get to know how the game works, and how to move the character of the game too safe him to crash.

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If you want to play this fast-paced endless running game on your computer online, get it from the landed website.

The color tunnel is very challenging tunnel rushing game, an endless game to play and full with the moving obstacles.

Though, the color helps you to move from one side to the other, and hint you the coming of obstacles, the same time it gets your attention and befools you to fall prey into them.

Your only goal into this game to reach as far as possible without getting yourself crashed into the universe. In this color tunnel game, you will have to act very swiftly; the delay of move can make you crashed to the next moment of the game. Once you passed the first traps, you will get the different kinds of patches, the new objects and block ways to pass.

The far you go the faster you will get the stopping hurdles, you need to focus on the going of the character into the colored tunnel, and otherwise, the next moment of the game, you will be flying into space and to roam around the unlimited universe.

To move them into the game, you can use the left and right arrow on your computer.

Though the game can be played on mobile phones, and iOS, but a real taste of this only attained to get this going online on the desktop.

Color Tunnel Rush Play Game: