Box Head



Are you hunting down in searching for one of the best Blood game to get your hands onto them in this weekend? Ok, we are there for you with dozens of Blood game, as for everyone there is a different kind of taste for playing games.

Like, I also love to play the Blood game, let's make it more concise for you, the one games out of the hundreds which are going to hit you right, Box Head.

The game stands out in the list of the massive crowd of the Blood game, and you will be having great fun by playing this mind-blowing game.

What the people like the most in a Blood game, the game should be challenging and should hit the threshold of them, it should not be straightforward, and in the same time, it should not be the complex in the city.

Box Head comes right on the top if you have mentioned formula to gauge the game.

You are going to get challenged with some cool stuff, and in the meantime, you will be getting the pleasure of completing some challenge.

Tap on the play button and get Box Head on your browser's windows and just wait for some moments the game took time to get loaded.

The Blood game genuinely trains the brain of a person to become challenging in every sort of the conditions and environment, a games lover would be finding ways to solve any problem in any circumstances.

Maybe that is the reasons; the Blood game are equally loveable for kids and elderly.

Box Head is also some serious mind building a game, and you will be solving the problem in the given circumstances and in the meantime, will be enabling some superpowers in your brain to get ready for the next challenge coming to your ways in the form of another challenge.


PLAYER 1: ARROW KEYS= to move , = shoot

PLAYER 2: W,S,A,D= to move , SPACE= shoot

Box Head Play Game: